Python for Data Science


Python for Data Science

Companies, organizations, and even governments are collecting huge volumes of data, like never before — but that data is worthless unless you know how to use it. Python is the favorite tool of data scientists, who use it to unlock the secrets and insights hidden behind the numbers. If you’re looking to transition into a rewarding career or want to get the most out of the data you have access to, this course will teach you how. And best of all, you don’t need any previous coding experience! So what are you waiting for?

What you'll learn

Dive into some basics of statistics: mean, median, variance.
Use NumPy to work with numerical data, which also includes many functions and data structures.
Changing the shape
Change the shape of arrays with the reshape function.
Array Operations
Perform operations on arrays using Numpy library.
Data Manipulation with Pandas
Transform and analyze data, calculate statistics and correlation, and much more using Pandas library.
What is Matplotlib
Use Matplotlib to create graphs, charts, and figures.
Box Plot
Use box plot to visualize the distribution of values.


Use of Python in Data Analysis
One of the biggest trends in modern business and research practices has been the incorporation of new and innovative methods of data analysis. Useful for both analytical purposes and predictive modeling, data analysis is an essential tool for companies to remain competitive in their respective verticals and make better and more informed business decisions for future product development.
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How Python Helps Accountants Use Excel
Accounting often gets a bad rap from people who don’t work in the profession. Hollywood has frequently portrayed accountants as bookish number crunchers, surrounded by log books and file folders, toiling away with a calculator in their office. But accountants have never fit this image, and accountants in 2021 are immersed in Excel spreadsheets, not file cabinets or cluttered desks full of paper.
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What Does A Data Scientist Do?
Big data is big business. More companies than ever are using data science in their decision-making processes and even as part of their core product. From fintech startups to innovative healthcare companies, more data means better decisions, better products, and more profits.
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