Looking for a modern alternative to Java? You’re in the right place! Kotlin was designed to replace Java (although the two are compatible), and has replaced Java in many modern software projects. It’s the preferred language for Android app development. It’s concise, saves time and has a large community of developers who can help with your questions. If you’re new to Kotlin, this course is the perfect place to start! No previous coding experience is necessary.

What you'll learn

Use variables to help your program store data.
Arithmetic operations
Solve quantitative problems involving arithmetic operations.
User inputs
Make your programs interactive by taking and working with user inputs.
Conditional statements
Start shaping the flow and purpose of your program with conditional statements.
Save time and minimise errors in repetitive tasks with loops.
Keep your code efficient, manageable and reusable using functions.
Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
Use principles of Object-Oriented Programming to organise the design of your software around data.


Top 10 Reasons to Learn Kotlin
Since its release in 2011 by the Czech software development company JetBrains, Kotlin has grown over the past decade or so to become Google’s preferred language for Android app developers. Considered a more clear, concise, and streamlined alternative to Java, Kotlin has grown to become a cornerstone language of major companies including Pinterest, Netflix, and Lyft, among many others.
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Kotlin In Depth: Who and What is Using Kotlin?
Among the new “it” programming languages, there are few names getting as much press and chatter as Kotlin. Originally released by the Czech development company JetBrains in 2011, Kotlin has seen its usage supercharged by becoming the Google-approved development language for Android applications. Companies like Netflix, Lyft, Pinterest, and other tech heavyweights have rapidly pivoted to using Kotlin to help flesh out their mobile presence, and more and more companies are joining the Kotlin train every month.
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3 Languages You Should Know To Become An Android Developer
While Apple often gets much of the hype and glitter in the United States and other Western economies, Android devices remain far more prevalent and popular throughout the world. From Samsung to LG, Huawei to Google, there are a plethora of companies creating Android-powered devices that only thrive thanks to the capabilities and possibilities of Android operating systems. This also means that because of the importance of good Android OS options, Android developers continue to be in significant demand around the world.
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