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Python Data Structures

Almost no program can work properly without data. Python has a number of built-in data structures, which allow you to store, organize, and manage your data. In this course, we will learn about different Python Data Structures such as strings, lists, dictionaries, tuples, sets, and much more.
Working with Strings

3.2 Practice
How Many Vowels?
4.2 Practice
Line Them Up
5.2 Practice
Editing Guide

9.2 Practice
Apple Of My Eye
10.2 Practice
Fancy Houses
11.2 Practice
Insect Control
Dictionaries, Tuples, Sets

15.2 Practice
Fuzzy Search
17.2 Practice
Mapping Software
18.2 Practice
Words In Common
User-Defined Data Structures

23.2 Practice
Come Back
24.2 Practice
On A Call
25.2 Practice
Name That Tune
26.2 Practice
Let's Connect