Game Development with JavaScript


Game Development with JavaScript

JavaScript (JS) is one of the core building blocks of the internet — and what better way to learn this useful language than by building your own interactive game? We’ll teach you different tools and methods you can use in the game development process, and we’ll coach you through building your own simple game from scratch. Sounds fun, right? This course is suitable for people with no previous coding experience, so if you’re looking for a course where you can have fun while you learn then dive on in!

What you'll learn

Foundational concepts
Master foundational concepts of HTML, CSS and JS so you can build and style interactive pages for your games.
Conditional operators
Use conditional operators to make decisions based on certain rules.
Design games that react to events like a mouse click to trigger actions.
HTML canvas
Use HTML canvas to draw shapes. You’ll use these shapes to create animations and movement with JS.
Use loops to repeat part of your code and set conditions and limits for these repeated actions to take place.
Control movement
Control the movement of shapes and detect collisions.


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