React and React Redux


React and React Redux

Why code everything from scratch when brilliant libraries can make the job simple for you? That’s exactly what React does: it’s a free, open-source library for building user interfaces such as websites. React is based on and compatible with JavaScript, but will save you time and effort compared to coding in JavaScript.. Redux is a perfect partner for React. It lets you manage the data within your application. If you’re interested in front-end web development, this course will give you essential skills. Prerequisites: This course is beginner-friendly, but we recommend you’re familiar with HTML, JavaScript and CSS before you begin.

What you'll learn

Create your first React app
Get hands-on experience with creating a React app
Components let you split the page into independent and reusable parts.
Learn about props, which are used for data transfer across React components.
Use state to allow components to manage and change their data.
Lifecycle Methods
Transition your components from one state to another using lifecycle methods.
Event Handling
Make web pages and apps react to events like a mouse click to trigger actions.
Reducer Function
Use reducer functions identify changes in an application's state.
Redux with React
Use Redux to allow React components to read data from a Redux store, and dispatch actions to the store to update data.


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