Machine Learning


Machine Learning

What if we could predict the future? We’re certainly not there yet, but machine learning takes us a step closer. This fast-growing field is responsible for some of the coolest tech we have today, from Netflix and Spotify algorithms that learn your taste and make recommendations, to detecting bank fraud. Machine learning specialists train computers to do tasks that would take a human years, in a matter of seconds. They create models that make sense of big data, and that allow machines to continuously learn from and improve their analysis. If you’re looking to take a step towards a rewarding, in-demand career or you just want to know more about this exciting area, this is the course for you. Python is our language of choice, so if you’re not already familiar with it we suggest you take a look at our Introduction to Python course before you begin.

What you'll learn

Read and manipulate data with Pandas package
Use NumPy to work with numerical data, which also includes many functions and data structures.
Logistic regression
Apply logistic regression algorithm to solve classification problems
Precision and recall
Evaluate model performance with precision and recall metrics
Decision tree and random forest
Apply decision tree and random forest algorithms to solve a wide range of problems
Neural networks
Train and evaluate neural network models


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