Swift 4


Swift 4

Want to make the next hit iPhone app? Swift is the language for you! Apple release Swift in 2014 as a replacement for their earlier programming language, Objective-C. It’s great for beginners, and is also secure, fast and open-source. In addition, you’ll find a large community of developers who can help answer your questions. Our Swift 4 course is perfect for beginners. You’ll get hands-on experience, and no prior coding experience is needed. And we’ll take you right the way through to creating your first app!

What you'll learn

Introduction to Swift
Learn about what purposes it needs to use Swift and what kind of apps you can create using it.
Use variables to associate a name with a value.
Basic Operators
Use operators to check, change or combine values.
Conditional Statements
Use if else to execute certain code under certain condition.
Do any set of statements until a condition becomes false.
Use strings to store text data and handle special characters.
Create and operate with arrays to store multiple items with the same type.
Write code more efficiently with functions. They allow you to store code that performs a specific task inside a block of text, so you can reuse it later.
Classes and Structures
Use Class and Struct to shape your objects.
Make your code reusable by learning to chain your classes using inheritance.
Your First iOS App
Create your first iOS app.


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