Do you want to develop dynamic and interactive websites? Would you like to create and edit graphics? Ever been frustrated with databases and want to learn how to deal with them better? We’ll teach you how, in introduction to PHP! This course is perfect for those with little to no coding experience. We’ll teach you everything you need to get started in short, simple lessons with plenty of practice.

What you'll learn

Foundational concepts
Learn the basic syntax of the PHP language and write your first PHP program.
How to save data efficiently
Optimize your computer memory usage by using variables, constants, and data types to save data more efficiently.
Conditional operators
Use conditional operators to make decision based on certain rules.
Use arrays to store a collection of data at once.


3 Languages You Should Know To Become A Website Developer
The face of web development has changed significantly over the past two decades especially as the move toward tablets and smartphones as the primary devices for communication and work continues to rise every year. While laptops and desktops still remain essential for most office environments, remote work, and other professional functions, web development has lost some of the luster it used to have, as mobile development has become a more popular choice for many new and experienced programmers.
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What Is Business Intelligence?
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Your First Programming Job: Tips for More Success, Much Earlier
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