Introduction to Java


Introduction to Java

Java is popular, fast, secure, and reliable — and it’s used on over 5.5 billion devices worldwide! It’s used for developing applications for computers, laptops, data centres, games consoles, cell phones and more. This course is perfect for people who are just starting out on their Java coding journey. If you want to take your skills to the next level, you can check out our Intermediate Java course.

What you’ll learn

Foundational concepts
Master foundational concepts of coding with Java. These are the building blocks for everything else
Use variables to help your program store data
User inputs
Make your programs interactive by taking and working with user inputs
Understand how to work with strings to store text data and handle special characters
“if” and “else” conditional statements
Start shaping the flow and purpose of your program with “if” and “else” conditional statements
Logical operators
Use logical operators to create programs that make decisions
Save time and minimise errors in repetitive tasks with loops
Create and operate with arrays to store multiple items into a single variable. This means you can handle more types of data
Introduction to Java
Introduction to Java
This simple, beginner-friendly Java course requires no previous coding knowledge. All you need is a mobile phone or desktop computer and 5 minutes a day! You’ll learn all about the key concepts of Java, and will be writing clear, working code right from your first lesson.

Basic Concepts

Control Flow




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