C# Intermediate


C# Intermediate

So you’ve got to grips with the basics of C#? Now you want to deepen your understanding of object-oriented programming to design software that is organized around data. This is the course for you! We’ll teach you more advanced techniques that will help you harness the power of C# and master a language used by large organizations, start-ups, and solo developers. Intermediate C# is designed to follow on from Introduction to C#, so check you’re familiar with the concepts there before starting this course.

What you'll learn

Use the array data structure to store a collection of elements of the same type. Arrays make it easier to organize and operate on large amounts of data.
Object-Oriented Programming
Go deeper into object-oriented programming to organize the design of your software around data.
Structs and enums
Store data more efficiently by embedding structs and enums.
Anticipate and manage errors with the use of exceptions
Read and write data
Learn how to read and write data from and to files.
Generic classes
Increase flexibility by making generic classes.
C# Intermediate
C# Intermediate
Perfect for those with some experience in C# who want to deepen their skills, this course breaks down complex concepts into simple, bite-size lessons that take just 5 minutes. With plenty of practice exercises, it’s sure to make you a more confident C# programmer!

Classes & Objects

Arrays and Strings

More On Classes

Inheritance & Polymorphism

Structs, Enums, Exceptions & Files



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