Introduction to C++


Introduction to C++

Many languages are tied to the operating system they’re written for. One of the coolest things about C++ is that it’s easy to run it across lots of different operating systems, which means you don’t have to develop the same program several times over. This course is perfect for beginners. You don’t need any previous coding experience — just a mobile phone and 5 minutes a day!

What you'll learn

Foundational concepts
Master foundational concepts of coding with C++. These are the building blocks for everything else.
Header files
Save time, reduce errors by including header files in your code.
Use variables to help your program store data of any type.
Arithmetic operations
Use arithmetic operations to solve quantitative problems.
“If” and “Else” statements
Program a machine to make decisions based on your orders with “if” and “else” conditional statements.
Save time and reduce errors in repetitive operations with loops.
Combine multiple elements into a single variable using arrays.
Use functions to make your code manageable and reusable.
Introduction to C++
Introduction to C++
Learn the basics of this popular coding language. Our C++ course covers basic concepts, data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements, loops, functions. You don’t need any previous coding experience to do this course. We’ll explain everything in short, clear, beginner-friendly language.

Basic Concepts

Conditionals and Loops

Arrays & Pointers



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