Introduction to C


Introduction to C

Do you want to create powerful programs that run fast… faster than those written in other languages? C is a language that’s easy to write, allows for fast debugging, and is a building block for many other programming languages. With this course you’ll learn the foundations of this powerful and advanced programming language. No prior coding experience is necessary, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in a clear, simple way that’s perfect for beginners. When you’re done you can take a look at our Intermediate C course.

What you’ll learn

Strong foundations
Master the foundational concepts of C language and write your first C program
User input
Write programs that get user input, make changes to it, and output the result
Conditional statements
Use conditional statements to start controlling the flow of your programs
Save time and reduce errors in repetitive operations with loops
Use functions to make your code manageable and reusable
Use arrays to store multiple elements of the same type and save time
Introduction to C
Introduction to C
Our C tutorial covers basic concepts, data types, arrays, pointers, conditional statements, loops, functions, strings, structures, unions, and much more. No coding experience required, and you can learn in just 5 minutes a day!

Basic Concepts

Conditionals and Loops

Functions, Arrays & Pointers

Strings & Function Pointers


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