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How can I use Python to program a robot?

I learned that Python can be used to program basic robotic devices. How tho? Like where do you put the program on the robot and how do you program it?

11th Nov 2016, 3:47 AM
John Doe
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There is a good tutorial for doing this with a raspberry pi and the gopigo framework which offers predefined functions for a robot movement. Though if those predefined functions feel like you are not programming it really on your own, you can continue watching the appendix tutorial for creating your own python software to feed the raspberry pi with your commands
11th Nov 2016, 7:41 AM
Danny Hale
Danny Hale - avatar
I am a beginner. Can I learn using swing immediately to create gui interface without starting from boring "hello world" coding? Because creating non GUI output doesn't make sense. I prefer creating GUI interface.
11th Nov 2016, 8:12 PM
qorny clay
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