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Installing the JDK

Two things, when I go into the Java folder in the Program Files, I can only see the jdk folder and not the jre folder, why? Second when I get to the Environment Variables step, I am not getting the right PATH, why? I searched a bunch of videos on Youtube but they did not really explain the whole process. This is the second time I am doing this, someone please tell me what to do.

30th Aug 2016, 4:12 PM
yash.a_0305 - avatar
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Hope this Help! Install the JDK by doing the following: Downloading the Installer Running the JDK Installer Installing the JDK Silently Updating the PATH Variable (Optional) Starting to Use the JDK
30th Aug 2016, 5:20 PM
Besspher Mannah
Besspher Mannah - avatar