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Why can't we see those who gave us a down vote on sololearn.

The only thing we can see on our likes record is the recent up votes, I think it would be better if we can also see the recent down votes. What do you think?

8th May 2017, 1:24 PM
Nomeh Uchenna Gabriel
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There are justified reasons why downvotes should be made explicit. Then again, there are more reasons why they shouldn't be.
8th May 2017, 2:55 PM
Hatsy Rei
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It's good that we can't see who downvote our post because if we can see that, we would start feeling hatred towards them & would seek for the revenge. It's human nature.
8th May 2017, 3:13 PM
Biraj Patel
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yeah. no, dont think it would be a great thing. be better if we only had an upvote feature. But I understand the need for downvotes. Say If an answer is not correct, it is spam or offensive. we need a system to tell other users that this is not correct. If someone downvote you on an answer you know to be correct. dont worry. if someone downvote an opinion. thats ok too. we are all different and have different thoughts. So yeah. dont worry too much about downvotes. just do what you came here for. To learn (and share!)
8th May 2017, 1:35 PM
jay - avatar
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Hmmm..... You want to see someone died by downvote some post? My word mean: Can be dangerous to the guy who dislike that post
8th May 2017, 1:27 PM
Yanothai Chaitawat
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It's kinda wierd to see who disliked you, I mean I haven't disliked anyone from my followers or I follow but what if the guy/girl you downvoted you will dislike storm you? Both for privacy and protection it is.
8th May 2017, 1:54 PM
Complex - avatar
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Yes @king (abum onye igbo)
9th May 2017, 6:32 AM
Nomeh Uchenna Gabriel
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Sololearn is about learning. its not about you getting more likes and becoming popular. Become popular by using your skills and make something new from scratch.
10th May 2017, 9:36 AM
Krishneel Nair
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Do you speak Igbo?
8th May 2017, 11:44 PM
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