What is the code in adding an mp3 in an HTML webpage

21st Oct 2020, 7:16 PM
Edosomwan Frank
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If you don‚Äôt know how do do something in programming, do this: 1. learn it - Use some kind of course online to learn a topic. If you still don‚Äôt know‚¨áÔłŹ 2. Practice it- practice with challenges, code coach and codes. If you still don‚Äôt know‚¨áÔłŹ 3.Search it - Use Google or SoloLearn search bar before asking question. If you still don‚Äôt know‚¨áÔłŹ 4.Ask - Ask the questions on SoloLearn, Quora, or StackOverflow. If you still don‚Äôt know‚¨áÔłŹ 5. Slepp- just clear your mind and try these steps again
21st Oct 2020, 9:06 PM
Galaxy-Coding (inactive)
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Hello, I think you need to read this lesson (or read it again if you did before) in the HTML Fundamentals course. https://www.sololearn.com/learn/HTML/2193/
21st Oct 2020, 7:32 PM
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