Canvas vs SVG

can we save the resulting Canvas or SVG image as .png or .jpg ?

12th Jan 2017, 4:16 AM
Miqdad Izzudin
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Saving SVG as bitmap has not really interest... If you need to store it, record instead the SVG source code content ^^ Saving Canvas result on te other hand offers real interest, as they are bitmap when drawing them ( SVG are for Scalable Vector Graphics ). I didn't ever try to, no more than search how to do that, but in theory, you can... Basically, if you can read your canvas buffer ( the 'bit-map' ) you're able to save it, even not easily because without probably all ready function to do it ( need to handle 'manually' reading of data, encoding them, and so on... )
12th Jan 2017, 5:58 AM
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