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JavaFX + SceneBuilder

First of all thank you guys for the fast answers on my last question about CommandHandler. I started using JavaFX with the SceneBuilder 2-3 days ago. I think it is an awesome tool and I am going to stick with it for a while now. My question is more of a general one. Do you people use the SceneBuilder a lot or not really? Basically I seen tutorials, where people just use FXML and create nice GUI’s but I am not sure... I do really like the SceneBuilder because of it’s drag and drop options.

16th May 2018, 2:36 PM
Miro - avatar
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Well, I have it installed and it's a good tool, but I don't use it very often. Another helpful tool is ScenicView when your FX application gets big and is lacking overview A pane on a pane that's on a pane etc. ;)
16th May 2018, 3:47 PM
Tashi N
Tashi N - avatar
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Okay, I will definitely give it a shot!
16th May 2018, 7:13 PM
Miro - avatar