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Svg polyline

Could you explain to me the functions of the figures involved in drawing a Polyline, as thus: <svg width="2000" height="500"> <polyline style="stroke-linejoin:miter; stroke:black; stroke-width:12; fill: none;" points="100 100, 150 150, 200 100" /> </svg>

24th Jan 2018, 1:13 PM
James Abiola Bisiriu
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So it tells the program to make a svg element with a width of 2000 and a height of 500. It then tells it that it‚Äôs a poly line with the color black and the fill of it is blank. Then the points tell it where to draw a line to, so points 100 to point 100 and 150 to 150 finally 200 to 100, the problem you might be having with this code is that the points are drawing to the same destination as they are starting. Hope this helpsūüėä
25th Jan 2018, 2:05 AM
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