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How to win time coding ?

in this short question we will learn what is the best technique to code your own website without losing time.. it's also recommended for those wants to create theire web projection in a limited time.

2nd Oct 2016, 10:29 AM
Driss Baidou
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*** STEP I *** Create the script folders like this -The main folder --> Skins (contains themes) ....... css (for csss files ) ...... js (javascrip and/or jquery files) ...... images (images and icons logo ect...) --> system (contains all the functional files like functions.php. forms.php mailing.php ect... ) ..... config (in this folder we set the configuration file to connect to db ) ..... functions ( here we set all necessary files for functions) ..... mailing (...) --> admin (admin or cpanel name its for the dashboard control) *** STEP II *** Create database with all necessary tables. Ex. +++ Options +++ (sitename, slogon, shordescribtion, generator, metaauthor, rooturl, adminmail, defaultskin, defaultmember, datetimeformat, defaultlangue, linkafterregistre... facebook twitter google+ youtube....) +++ posts +++ (id, title, cover, link, content, author, metas, date, time, eddited, edittime, views, description....) +++ pages +++ (id, title, cover, link, content, author, metas, views, description....) +++ members +++ (id, username, lastname, firstname, password, email, usertype, facebook; youtube, ....) *** STEP III *** connect to the data base using config.php create functions.php and set headers footer and some neccessary functions that you like to use.
2nd Oct 2016, 12:31 PM
Driss Baidou
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can you go further as to how I could develop a complete site, with all the things needed. the structure of a social network site and student portal. I will be very greateful if you help me with these structures.
18th Oct 2016, 7:30 PM
Sessah-Odai Sadick
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