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Is the Gen AI course worthwhile?

I’m super annoyed the AI course is not part of Pro membership (which is already not cheap). Is the course genuinely worth the price, or am I better off using ChatGPT-4o?

24th Jun 2024, 6:30 PM
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Khadijah , I used to have Pro membership (to avoid frustration of the hearts blocking my learning), but decided it was not worth continuing with after a year. (EDIT: I do like the Sololearn app and style, it's helpful but has limitations like any app) I personally think it is poor engagement by Sololearn to charge extra on top of Pro membership for a course, especially as based on the free AI part (EDIT: +sections outlines for paying for) it does not suggest the rest is worthwhile to pay separately for (in my opinion). It shows an image to me that the Sololearn company is opportunistically trying to exploit more income for an on trend topic, but is really offering no additional content for skill enhancement above what other courses do to justify it. Facts: it's like Amazon and Netflix increasing prices and then charging extra for advert free streaming after providing it as standard. Personal choice if others want to pay for it. I'd vote with my money and take it elsewhere.
25th Jun 2024, 3:46 PM
Rob Newman
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Khadijah for someone who might be not so familiar with the different types of AI or just getting started with AI the course is noteworthy. I don't know your level of knowledge with Gen AI or other AI tools so I'm not saying no don't or yes do but saying maybe this might be something of interest to you ūü§Ē.
24th Jun 2024, 6:50 PM
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