Free tier strikeout time limit is honestly far too long

The free tier requiring 4 hours and 30 minutes is really why a lot of people can't see their progress in learning as proof of learning. That much time honestly causes too much of a break to allow them to actually really see an improvement in their abilities due to attention loss and other distractions if you want them to actually buy the product they need to see that it is actually advancing their abilities in coding which unless they are able to get the coding near perfect straight from the start in which case they don't need the product then they will only see a product that consumes large amounts of time which people of today just don't have. I agree make them take a break but maybe just not quite over 4 hours of a break which in most cases means stopping completely for the day and most likely not returning to try out the product. Just a little salesmanship advice. I do think that this product is pretty good.

27th Nov 2023, 9:36 PM
Brandon Johnson
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Brandon Johnson while I may agree with you what would you recommend them do while they are waiting for their hearts to refill.. You have been on the app for 4 years off and on... Let's give our new users suggestions and fruitful feedback. * practice * look around posted questions in the question and answer forum * check out codes in the language or languages they are currently interested in. * ask questions to the community * research questions in my search engine of choice ie startpage, duckduckgo, bing, yandex, google or others
27th Nov 2023, 10:21 PM
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Do most of the users use this as their only source of learning? No. Most users who have free accounts for learning learn from more than one source. If they want the user to purchase their product over another they would focus on the value the product brings. They provided unlimited time for learning with their purchase which is the point of the four-hour wait. Why wait when you can purchase unlimited time? If the user chooses to not purchase they have provided blogs that can further their knowledge and discussions where other users can provide feedback and input. They also have the option of hands-on practicing as a lot if IDE are free.
28th Nov 2023, 5:27 AM
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Get some sleep. Whenever I start to lose hearts, it's because I'm not actually reading the questions anymore and just punching stuff. That's when I know I need a nap. When I'm recharged, so are my hearts.
28th Nov 2023, 6:13 PM
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