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How to actually learn the matter start implementing it in practice, rather than simply filling out the excersizes?

I almost finished JavaScript course but I still couldn't make the simplest function or variable in practise if you asked me to, I can complete and exercise by looking at an explanation or taking a hint, but I can't remember any of the stuff I learned,I couldn't finish any other the practises w/o looking at and explenation first, and I can't implement it in practise for the life of me, I'm still a newbie though, will the skills come with time cause I'm still a newbie, how do I actually learn the matter?

28th May 2017, 1:38 AM
Dunja Cetkovic
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You start by taking something, anything, that you learned and tweaking it to test it and learn what it does, and then using what you learned from it to make something new. Example: (python, idk javascript) print("hello world") >>>hello world #hmm what if I change it print("fart butt") >>>fart butt #haha wow! hey I got an idea print("FART BUTT") print("ART /-----\") print("HUTT | [] |") >>>FART BUTT >>>ART /-----\ >>>HUTT | [] | #yay!
2nd Mar 2017, 3:14 AM
Ahri Fox
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I would recommend taking notes, re-doing the course, and using the SoloLearn CodeNow section to practice the concepts learned through the course. Really try to understand the course and how everything works. Reading and filling out the exercises is one thing, but actually understanding and using it is different. Think of ways you can experiment with coding.
2nd Mar 2017, 2:00 AM
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@Eranga that what i do, but i dont seem to make any progress, i can make a moving rectangle animation in HTML5, i can make an alert box using javascript, but those are all the stuff i've seen from the courses nothing more than that, im not able to make any code on my own : (
28th May 2017, 1:37 AM
Dunja Cetkovic
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Don't limit urself to SOLOLEARN. Try other courses on net. and many more... Don't try to memorize the code. Learn the language/syntax, it's ok to check the language reference.U don't have memorize all the syntax u will memorize most commonly used ones. Following a course u will only learn language syntax."Practice makes perfect", in some course u will find practice exercises or u can create ur own small project. I'm don't know if u r a student and trying coding for hobby or looking Programing (Web development) as a carrier. if u r looking Programing as carrier best to enroll with online course get certified or enroll with a digree program. Wish u all the best!
28th May 2017, 4:55 AM
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In here u find only basics of the language. You have get hands dirty, try out codes you learn through out the cause.Visit Code Playground check what other's have done.Read their code and try to understand what's happening.U learn learn only when you start coding. Start small code snippets such as Loops, Conditional statements then you can start small projects/programs. Refer every possible resources. Never give up.
2nd Mar 2017, 2:19 AM
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I was you 3 months ago , because i didn't understand the lecture thoroughly and i don't know how to find my knowlegde gaps .However , i realized that Google doesn't require any fee , so i made full use of it , try to understand the variable ,function,DOM clearly and all the other stuffs will be achieved soon , just practice and become used to it Don't worry , just learn it everyday because you love it !
2nd Mar 2017, 3:02 AM
Thành Long
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