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What is the used to bold in html

25th Apr 2020, 2:35 PM
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To format text with bold font variant ^^ "bold" is the term used to qualify thicker fonts drawing... usually for purpose of emphasing a word (or group of). Prior to Html5, text styling was mainly done through html tags, but with the outcome of Css, those styling tags were encouraged to be avoided in favor of separation between structure (Html) and style (Css)... with Html5 the specs have deprecated them in favor of new semantical elements such as <em> (stand for 'emphasis'): the old <b> <i> and so one still exists, but when possible it's more advised to use approptiate semantical element that you could style with Css as you want ;)
25th Apr 2020, 4:31 PM
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BOLD is used to make the text darker so that it can be interpreted that the text is important. By making the text bold, the text becomes darker in color. In general it is used to tell user that the text is important. You can bold your text by 2 ways in HTML5. 1. <b> Bold Text </b> 2. <strong> Strong/bold text </strong> <strong> tag is new in HTML5 and it has replaced the <b> tag, as the tag <strong> suggest more of a strong or important text. You can also do it by CSS: p{ font-weight: bold; } Thanks. Keep learning.
26th Apr 2020, 8:38 AM
Jainam Parikh
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Cuentas con dos etiquetas para hacerlo, <b> y <strong>, ambas son negrita, a nivel de interfaz no hay diferencia existente, sin embargo, en cuanto a la sintaxis si, para un navegador la etiqueta strong tiene mas importancia que la etiqueta b, debes tener cuidado ya que no puedes utilizar strong con bastante frecuencia o el propio navegador te penalizar√°. Exitos!
27th Apr 2020, 1:03 AM
Victor Pérez
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