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What is meant by influence by

i.e java,c++,c#,erlang

16th Dec 2019, 1:20 AM
Micheal Alfred
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On Sololearn it is related to how many followers you have. However I am not sure if my answer is relevant when looking at the tags that you have used.
16th Dec 2019, 2:45 AM
Sonic - avatar
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If you refer to generations of programming language, then "influenced by" would mean that a language may inherit syntactic or paradigm from another language(s) which were developed earlier. But "influenced" doesn't mean a language is designed exactly like the predecessor(s), some new features may be added to the language specification; at its earliest release and on as the language develops with time. For example C++ is influenced by C, but C++ is not "just a copy" of C.
16th Dec 2019, 3:46 AM