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Why can't we have a quiz feature instead of a challenge feature?

I find I learn a lot more doing the challenge quizzes against other people because of the time factor to process things and the questions are actually tricky. Once the match is over I can go back and learn about any question I got wrong and why I didn't understand it. However, it is extremely frustrating when I encounter a question I don't get and would love to understand, and either the challenge expires or the challenger declines the match. If this happens, I am not able to access the questions or answers anymore and those problems I was interested in learning about are lost. Has SoloLearn ever mentioned having some sort of Quiz feature so we can practice our skills instead of doing it in a competitive format that doesn't even let us access our matches? Or does this feature already exist that I am clueless about? Anybody share the same frustration with me? ūüėā

17th Jul 2018, 6:13 PM
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I think also that it's a very good idea to remove the time limit and give us as much time as we need. Don't like challenges, also because I frequently mess it up because of my bad mobile...
1st Aug 2018, 12:35 PM
Modi - avatar