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How to send email using html, without open email app?

If a button clicked, the email is directly sent to us, without opening email app, in user's device. The email will directly sent to us Please answer!!

5th Oct 2017, 5:30 PM
Pragnesh Katkar
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2 Answers
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To solve your problem you need to stop thinking "send email = use email app" but "send email = content need to be send". From that you can send an email by using for example a simple HTML form like : <input type="text" value="" placeholder="Your name"/> <input type="email" value="" placeholder="Your email"/> <input type="submit" value="" placeholder="Send"/> and when the user click on "Send", a PHP is trigger which will request to send an email to you. There are plenty of tutorials about that. Don't forget to learn a while about forms security to prevent users send you some spams or hack your website for example ;)
5th Oct 2017, 6:24 PM
Geoffrey L
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You can use function in php called 'mail' <?php $mailto = '[email protected]'; $subject = 'subject'; $message = 'message'; mail ($mailto, $subject, $message);
30th Jul 2018, 8:10 PM
Pragnesh Katkar
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