Can any one make a basic web chatting software for me (client-client),please?using html,css,php or javascript...

28th Sep 2017, 4:30 PM
Pratham Kulkarni
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no! but you can check the existing ones for inspiration and make your own learn those languages if you don't know them already. https://code.sololearn.com/WtFXsv7tdPW0/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/WGpy0FpMtfTf/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/W61RYgM26h60/?ref=app https://code.sololearn.com/WuCrsQVffTb5/?ref=app
28th Sep 2017, 4:38 PM
Lord Krishna
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I disagree strongly with Lord Krishna. I'll be more than happy to let you pay me to create one for you, especially because you asked nicely.
28th Sep 2017, 4:41 PM
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Pivoting on client-client...here's peer-to-peer chat using peerjs: https://code.sololearn.com/WDN9qBzViaaW/?ref=app They also have a demo on their website. edit: Oh, wait! Payment! Awww, I already posted.
28th Sep 2017, 10:09 PM
Kirk Schafer
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