I try making concentric circles, two, three, or more. different colors? playground doesn't do it? anyone: how?

17th Jun 2016, 7:03 AM
Alexis Cheuk Yan Lee
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25062019 ZinC and Kabashaj: - at the time of question, I tried in playground and might have made some mistakes with svg . - The major problem is concentric or overlapped circles with 'fill' colors. Overlapped region will result with color mixing? - For one other reason, the three circles will have to switch layers. Must get colors right.
25th Jun 2019, 10:17 AM
Alexis Cheuk Yan Lee
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18th Jun 2016, 3:31 PM
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use a transparent (rgba with 0 as last parameter) and stroke them, should work. also if you want them filled, the radius is the third parameter, and you should decrease it as you go, or else the last circle will draw above all of the others.
28th Jun 2016, 6:41 PM
Bledar Kabashaj
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17th Jun 2016, 7:58 AM
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