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Your website is hosted by a Web hosting site, you'll need to go on your account on your Web hosting site in order to do this. On your account, you should have the option to manage your files for your site, upload your songs there in a folder you wish. You then simply use a link tag to link your songs to your website. Example (Website): Web hosting account: -Manage files > Upload files: //Let's say you upload the songs to a folder called music, it might then look like this in your manage folder: public - (folder) index.html - (file) music - (folder) song.mp3 - (file) -Now that your file is uploaded, you need to edit the Web page you want your song to be in, let's say you want it in your home page (index.html) //You need to edit that index.html file and use either a link tag <a> or an <audio> tag to link it to your website. Note that <a> tag is to make it downloadable for users and <audio> tag makes it play on your website: <a href="music/song.mp3">This is a song</a> or <audio controls> <source src="music/song.mp3" type="audio/mp3"> </audio>
15th Apr 2017, 7:40 AM
Ghauth Christians
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