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@keyframes words{ 0%{transform:rotateX(-10deg) rotateY(-65deg) rotateZ(-60deg)}; 25%{transform:rotateX(-35deg) rotateY(50deg) rotateZ(-15deg)}; 50%{transform:rotateX(25deg) rotateY(-20deg) rotateZ(5deg)}; 75%{transform:rotateX(20deg) rotateY(20deg) rotateZ(-10deg)}; 100%{transform:rotateX(25deg) rotateY(-30deg) rotateZ(-50deg)}; } Works. Put rotate... against the parentheses this way: rotateX(...) rotateY(...) not rotateX (...)rotateY (...) You also had a typo? on the last line: rotateY twice instead of rotateZ.
13th Apr 2017, 3:26 AM
Kirk Schafer
Kirk Schafer - avatar