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I dont understand the point

So i have finished the python for beginners and move on to do over ones like the html course and the part where it wants you to press the 'try it yourself' button so it can help you make your own blog as your doing the course along with all the other 'try it yourself' things are now inaccessible to me because it wants you to be pro to use it but i dont have enough money to pay for it monthly. So i just dont understand why add it if your gonna make it paid access after the user finishes one course.

24th Jan 2022, 7:34 PM
delvan green
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You don't get why people want to get paid for their work?
24th Jan 2022, 7:52 PM
Simon Sauter
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I read somewere that, sololearn have daily limit for try it yourself. all courses here are free to read, some practice is reserved only for pro member or canbe unlocked with bits(most can be unlocked for free). You can find codes and projects to practice on internet if you search for. why thay add this, reason is simple, thay need money to host app, to pay people who work and make all this posible... but still knowledge you can get here for free is priceless. you are not limited to only 1 course you can complete all of tham for free and get certificate
24th Jan 2022, 10:01 PM
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