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Why are you learning how to code?


3rd Apr 2017, 7:34 PM
Conquest Onyekachi Idam
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6 Answers
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Because coding to me is like cookies for Hatsy Rei (but the problem if Hatsy Rei prefers coding or cookies is not solved).
3rd Apr 2017, 7:38 PM
Tashi N
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Greater knowledge and programmatic power. It makes me feel good (having power that is XD), and it's just plain fun ^_^
4th Apr 2017, 1:58 AM
SoraKatadzuma - avatar
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necessity. its 21st century language. most spoken in the world (by machine).
4th Apr 2017, 2:50 AM
Agus Mei
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coding is a profession which u can use your mind with it, and u have the ability to create yur own ideas and not to be a follower
3rd Apr 2017, 7:48 PM
Amjad - avatar
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Most automations that have happened in the last two decades require code. I'm simply looking to better understand the world around me.
3rd Apr 2017, 9:29 PM
Edgar Pinales Franco
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Coding is the language of now and the future. It's a relevant and in-demand skill no matter one's profession. So, best learn it now or get left behind.
4th Apr 2017, 6:44 AM