clear cut difference between increament and decreament ? Eg:difference between a++ and ++a?

31st Mar 2017, 7:00 AM
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This is asked a lot lol ++a is a preincrement, and a++ is a postincrement. --a is a predecrement, and a-- is a postdecrement. The difference between pre and post is when the ++ or -- kicks in. Pre has very high precedence/priority (it works first), and post had very low priority (works last). Ex: b = ++a //Adds 1 to a first, then assigns a to b. b = a++ //Assigns a to b, then adds 1 to a.
31st Mar 2017, 7:26 AM
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Ok so many guys confuse about it. For e.g. int a = 1; int b = 1; let say ++a means (+1)a, it means it will add +1 to 'a' first so currently your value is 1, but ++a means (+1) to a, so the value becomes 2; a++ means a(+1) it means it will add +1 to 'a' later, so your current value is 1 but a++ means you are still 1 but later when you reuse the variable, the value becomes 2. int num1 = 1; int num2 = 1; Console.Println(num1); // it outputs 1 ++num1; // It added (+1) to num1 first so it becomes 2. Console.Println(num1); // it outputs 2 num1++; // It added (+1) to num1 later, so the value is still 2. Console.Println(num1); // it becomes 3 now because it added +1 to the current value now.
31st Mar 2017, 8:40 AM
Yhal Htet Aung
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