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What is the challenge section about?

22nd Mar 2017, 3:28 AM
Shawn Gillis
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3 Answers
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I have a hard enough time just answering without illustration's most of the time
22nd Mar 2017, 3:35 AM
Shawn Gillis
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Two players should answer 5 questions related to a programming language. The one who correctly answers more questions than the other wins. Winner gets positive XP and loser gets negative XP. If it's a draw, none get any XP. And, XP decides you Sololearn rank.
22nd Mar 2017, 3:32 AM
Krishna Teja Yeluripati
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Sololearn challenges. 5 questions of these types: Multiple choice (1 to all correct answers) Guess the output(given the code guess the output) FIBs(fill in the unfinished code and make it work proper) Answer bonus=Number of questions answered correctly Win/loss bonus: +/- XP based on yoyr performance to opponent. + if you win, 0 if draw, - if loss. Cannot exceed +-32XP Total XP: sum of these 2 components
11th Aug 2017, 7:42 AM
👑 Prometheus 🇸🇬
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