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Which tags are use for connecting multiple web pages?

Websites are collection of multiple web pages for connecting them we use different tags in html with their attributes.

30th Sep 2020, 5:20 AM
Priya Upwanshi
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3 Answers
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For connecting multiple web pages we use navigation bar, in which <a> tag is used. You can see this: https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_topnav.asp https://www.w3schools.com/css/css_navbar.asp Hope it helps.
30th Sep 2020, 5:32 AM
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To link one page to another only <a> tag is used. <link> is used to connect a CSS file.
30th Sep 2020, 5:30 AM
Artem 🇺🇦
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see the difference dear...... <a> tag is used to direct you to another page entirety the tag goes in the body.....e.g <a href= "www.google.com"> click me!!! </a> but link is a different tag....it connects your external resources to your HTML file and it goes into the head e.g you have a HTML file and you want to create a separate css file which is a good practise.... you can connect the css and HTML file using the link and href attribute..... the same thing applies to fonts you want to import to your HTML file........ <link href= "the css file.css" rel= "stylesheet">
30th Sep 2020, 6:50 AM
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