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My website is stored as a local file. How do I change it to something like "www.example.com"

After making my website, it is stored on my PC as a local file. But I need to get something like "www.example.com" so that other people can search for it using a web browser. Without this, my website will be stored as a file and this is not my objective. What do I do?

29th Dec 2019, 11:07 AM
Stephen Bruce Amakye
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Stephen Bruce Amakye you need to buy a domain name first, and it has to be unique. The price depends on the extension (.com .org .net .me...) but it's cheap most of times, unless it's a premium domain. After you buy a domain name, you need to host your files. If you only use HTML/CSS/JavaScript, then github pages is a great choice for hosting, and it's free.
29th Dec 2019, 11:12 AM
Aymane Boukrouh
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