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How to see logcat files

Hello everyone. I'm new to the coding world and was wondering if anyone could help explain to me how to view a file I found on my phone. The files name is: log_logcat_com_enflick_android_TextNow_sync_1_2019-01-20_020623-0600.log Im on an iOS device and the device is came from is an Android. I can't view it but it says there is data on it. Please help!! Tia.

24th Jan 2019, 6:47 AM
Ashley - avatar
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Well, I'm not even an iOS device user, but for curiosity sake, why you want to read that file? does the file content have any importance to you?. You said the file originally came from an Android device, can you open it on the Android device? To my understanding a log file *commonly* are plain text file, unless it is specific-purpose designed, and such, being written in binary format. So in general, you might just be able to use a standard text editor to view its content, but first verify the file isn't empty by checking the size. In Android, I would open the file manager, head to file location, then tap on it, usually I was given choices, which app to use to open it, alternatively, I can long press on file, and choose "Open As Text" from the menu, then Android will give me options which app to use, I understand things might be different in iOS, but hopefully the same steps can work as it could in Android : ) Hth, cmiiw
24th Jan 2019, 9:57 AM