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How can we improve SoloLearn

Thanks to soloLearn. But irrespective of everything, what are your suggestions on how the developers of this unique website or webapp can improve their site to reach more people as well as improve people skill-wise. I suggest more courses should be enrolled like angularJs, ReactJs, and likewise Networking Concept as well

28th Dec 2017, 10:05 PM
Gospel Isaac
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4 Answers
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By asking excellent questions 👍🤗
28th Dec 2017, 11:13 PM
NimWing Yuan
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By submitting inspirational lessons @ Sololearn 🌻🌹🌿
28th Dec 2017, 11:26 PM
NimWing Yuan
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Support UIs in Compiler
28th Dec 2017, 10:18 PM
josh mizzi
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Maybe add Classes and Headers in playground
28th Dec 2017, 10:46 PM
Sven Mokveld