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Prolog for artificial intelligence

Prolog stands alongside Lisp when it comes to usefulness and usability. According to the literature, Prolog Programming for Artificial Intelligence, Prolog is one of those programming languagesfor some basic mechanisms, which can be extremely useful for AI programming. For example, it offers pattern matching, automatic backtracking, and tree-based data structuring mechanisms. Combining these mechanisms provides a flexible framework to work with. Prolog is extensively used in expert systems for AI

27th Jun 2017, 9:33 PM
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I don't know PROLOG. Know a bit of lisp thanks to Emacs, racket and Clojure. Lisp has grown out of it's artificial intelligence bedrock. PROLOG appears to have not done this. In industrial settings, this is a massive disadvantage. For academic purposes, I can see the appeal PROLOG can have. While the industry adopted lisp, it has stayed away from PROLOG. I'm hazarding a guess by saying that there might be something missing in PROLOG that is not missing in lisp. Also, lisp had no boss, going by John McCarthy interview with Guy Steele Jr. These could have precipitated in PROLOG's state today.
5th Jul 2017, 1:11 AM
Venkatesh Pitta
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