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Which language is used in data mining for project implementation using research paper based

for m.tech thesis

10th Jun 2017, 10:46 AM
kaish mann
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I think this question depends on what type of mining you are doing: One part of data mining involves taking unstructured data and transforming it into structured data. For this step of the process, you can use any scripting language. Furthermore, Hadoop streaming supports almost any language so you can use Ruby,Python,Bash,etc. Hadoop is written in Java, and although I have never used them, I hear Java has some decent math libraries also. If you need to compile your map/reduce functions, I am sure Java is the one of the most popular non-interpreted languages used for data-mining, simply because of Hadoop. If you are trying to actually mine/calculate statistics from your data set, than I would vote that the two most popular languages to use would be Python or R. The reason I say this is because Python has Numpy & Scipy, which are awesome math libraries. R is an all around a great tool for stats. After you have structured data and/or the right statistics extracted, you can use Python + Matplotlib or R to visualize your data sets. If you are including prediction/recommendation into data-mining, than I think Java probably comes back because of Mahout, and Python is great because of libraries like NLTK. Finally, I would say if you design your system right, you can really use anything, and then just link it all together with a RPC framework like Thrift. for More help reach me at my app http://d2wuvg8krwnvon.cloudfront.net/appfile/fbe68fba63a0.apk
10th Jun 2017, 11:54 AM
Divyank Dixit
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yeah , r is great tool now I decide I go for a data mining now q is which topic I choose like tax service , etc
1st Sep 2017, 9:52 AM
kaish mann
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