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What can I do now ? Please help..

I completed my 1St year in MCA , But due to some problem I never attend a single class in college that's why I didn't not learn anything just know some basic programs , my college students are far better than me and they learn many things yet , So I decided to start from fresh can you suggest what can I do now...

29th Jul 2023, 1:39 PM
Ratikant Behera
Ratikant Behera - avatar
2 Answers
You said that you don't know the basic programs then if you want to go to the advance then basic is always important, so firstly choose the programming language in which programming language have you interest then start the course from basic to advance you can start the course from here there are many courses are available.
29th Jul 2023, 1:55 PM
Sakshi - avatar
the professors at the university said: PRACTICE! do it every day, 1 hour.... weekends 2 hours! --- look after for something that is really important. do the 1st lesson more times, until you know what you are doing. just after then go to the 2nd lesson.... in weekends do the whole what you did during the week (repeating, it refreshes the knowledge)
29th Jul 2023, 3:42 PM
Mihaly Nyilas
Mihaly Nyilas - avatar