inputs are dumb

i have no idea what inputs are I couldn't understand them during the lesson and still don't does anyone know a video or something that could help me better understand inputs

18th Aug 2022, 9:38 PM
Biolyn 2
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Inputs are just something that the user provides. Like for example, the question you made was an input cause it was your own original piece of text. This answer that you are reading is also an input. When you signed up for Sololearn and made your name, Biolyn 2, that was also an input. It is just something that you provide to the program to do something with. For example, if I provide my email, that is input so that I can later get a confirmation for my account creation.
18th Aug 2022, 9:55 PM
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Input is value user enter, for example if you make calculator you would need user to enter at least 2 numbers and to choose opearation. Also input in sololearn is diferent, it is because sololearn send our code to backend(server) and we get output, so all inputs need to be sanded together, check this code to see how input work in sololearn: https://code.sololearn.com/WhiNb9BkJUVC/?ref=app
18th Aug 2022, 10:28 PM
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In programming "inputs" are required to get data from the user. These inputs can be stored in a variable and accessed later. There is an input method in every programming language that is used to accept input. For example in Python. x = input() print(x) x, is the variable input, is the method that will take user input and store it in the variable. print, will print the contents of x to the console. So the code above in human language tells the computer. The x character is a box (variable). Insert the content or value (input) into the box. Now display (print) the contents of the box.
18th Aug 2022, 10:47 PM
Chris Coder
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