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Any free tool to identify memory leak on windows

Hi Having visual stuido 2019 and windows 10 Is there any free tools to identify memory leaks from heap? I have COM and solution has three different projects... one project is exe and two others are dll. Tried using visual leak detector but it does not gave any leak.... I explicitly tried created object on heap for my own class and it does not delete the same but VLD has not captured it. I have just added vld.h header in one file of exe project... is it sufficient to catch leak ? I am open to use any other free tool as well.. Thanks in advance.

20th Jul 2022, 2:08 PM
Ketan Lalcheta
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For detecting memory leaks and other memory errors, I usually use gcc's or clang's in-built static analysis tools for small programs and valgrind for bigger ones. Unfortunately, I don't think valgrind is available for windows platform but there might be some alternatives that you may get there Here is a similar question I found on stack overflow 👇 Though the answer there are from 2011 so you might get newer more updated stuff now but I don't find a problem in giving some of them a try. ----- As for VLD is concerned, I think one have to include the vld header in your DLL's source files also
21st Jul 2022, 1:02 AM
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