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Is Scripting language faster than Programming language ?

I have gone through a number of articles in order to understand the difference between programming vs scripting vs markup language. While going through the articles I came across the point that few sites say that scripting is faster than programming, due to the absence of the compilation process and on the other side, few sites say that scripting is slower than programming because complied programs are first converted into machine code.

28th Jan 2022, 7:12 PM
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No. Compiled code is faster than interpreted because it 'speaks' directly to the machine in its language. Think of it as in real life. When you are in a foreign country what will be faster? - Telling a phrase to an interpreter and wait for the translation. - Read the phrase directly from a conversational guide ( which is a compilation of phrases).
28th Jan 2022, 8:31 PM
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scripting language can be programming language and is slower, but developing with it can be faster, or if you do many small changes in smaller code and need result immediately it is more efficient as tools
28th Jan 2022, 8:03 PM
G'day Lazy_codeR.04 that is a great discussion question! You may need to clarify "faster". So you mean faster to type? Faster to get from concept -> psuedocode -> beta -> working code? Faster to make changes to working code, eg client asks for a minor change that needs a major program adjustment? Faster to execute the working code? Fastest to execute is a low level language machine code, or assembly, or C. Fastest to write and adjust is something like Python, R, Perl, Java, etc. EDIT: I missed a concept. Scripting, vs programming, vs coding. Coding is low level, like C, with unforgiving syntax & a linker/compiler to get working code. Programming is mid level, like Python, with less complicated syntax and an interpreter to get working code. Scripting is high level (like html/java/SQL), doesn't need to be compiled, changes are readily accessible.
28th Jan 2022, 8:22 PM
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