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How can improve the coding extra exercise?

1st Oct 2021, 5:33 AM
1 Answer
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Just try learn basics first in python in sololearn(I have seen your profile and you have not completed the python course) After that Learn some modules in python , basics of it like numpy, tkinter, matplotlib. Etc After that You can search on Google python projects (it will give you some suggestions on projects on which you can practice) And make some projects and it will increase your productivity, learn new things everyday and don't forget older things Or You can try learning python from other people's codes and make something more better than them 😉 As you see Python is vast and diverse and modules in it , you can learn it in depth and in other programming languages too
1st Oct 2021, 6:03 AM
<★Shaurya Chauhan★>(ACTIVE AGAIN✌😇🙃)
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