Hi i want to be a backed developer . Which frame work do you suggest for ,django or .net core

15th Jul 2021, 8:21 PM
yousef mohammadi
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I would recommend trying out both and see which one you enjoy working with the most. Or if you have a specific objective you're trying to accomplish, determine which is best suited toward that particular objective. Nothing wrong with learning both of them. In my bias opinion, I prefer C-based languages over Python so I personally enjoy working with C#/.Net more. However, I also know Python and Django so that I'm more versatile and able to approach different projects as needed. Think of it as tools on a tool belt. Sometimes you'll need a screwdriver and sometimes you'll need a hammer. It's better to have more than one tool so that you can approach whatever situation you're in properly. As you go along, never be afraid to invest into more/new tools when you find that you need them. Best of luck to you!
15th Jul 2021, 8:51 PM
Jakko Jak
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