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Sololearn Pro experience

Once you upgrade and get sololearn pro. Then go and get experience from completing a pro challenge. Then unsubscribe your status. Do you keep the experience or is that lost into the abyss? What's the deal here?

18th Apr 2021, 2:59 AM
J 12323123
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4 Answers
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Maybe if it was tax deductible. Claimed as an expense etc
18th Apr 2021, 3:20 AM
J 12323123
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You still have the exp you got from pro-specific code coach.
18th Apr 2021, 3:12 AM
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You keep the experience, of course.You will only not be able to open a Pro the feature even if you did before as a Pro
20th May 2021, 11:53 AM
Marie Sahakian
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Program to convert the days into year, month and days
30th Nov 2022, 5:03 PM
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