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Who is planning to use Python to explore neural networks ?

This now my main subject of study

23rd Mar 2017, 8:43 PM
Jean-Pierre Schnyder
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3 Answers
may be later
9th Jun 2017, 11:30 AM
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Neural network is an approach used in Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Neural networks apply the metaphor of neurons in the brain. To enter into Machine Learning, be prepared to understand pretty advanced topics in calculus, linear algebra, trigonometry, statistic ...
14th Jun 2017, 9:53 AM
Jean-Pierre Schnyder
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I am interested in neural nets. good documentary on netflix called Alphago, the AI developed to beat professional GO players. I have studied anatomy in college a year, then 9 months "aerospace program" with hydraulics, pneumatics, tig welding, cnc machining. I was interested in robotics so i went to university for comp engineering, went over full time and my daughter was born just after my semester, I had a hard time in Chem and keeping up with homework from 4 classes and dropped out after that. Comp Sci and Calc 1 were very good for me, and i had a business writing class where i was working on starting an ambitious project in robotics. Now i am reading over a large C textbook, an old book on Python, and a C++ book along with online research and reserving library books. Unfortunately my CNC job covers myself, kid and wife... So im saving up for a laptop now and using my phone and books the best i can.
3rd Jan 2018, 8:11 AM
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